A few years ago I started hosting a monthly series at the Green Growler in Croton to showcase songwriters and original music. There’s plenty of open mics around the area, but they are usually limited to a few minutes on stage a nd a couple of tunes. There aren’t many places that host original live music, so I wanted to create an opportunity for songwriters to stretch out, play a full set of music and do a real show in an environment where people listen, hang out and hear new songs. I also try to locate artist who may not normally play in the area and give them a chance to reach a new audience.


After taking a year off from running the series (we did 18 shows over a two year period, The Growler has agreed to host the series again. Looking forward to some great nights of songwriting  ahead of us.


If you are interested in playing in the series, please send an email to

growler@raveonproductions.com. Please include links to your website, links to songs and videos, and any other information we should consider-awards, other appearances, etc. We tend to put the bar a bit high, we’re looking for confident performers who can perform an 80% to 20% mix of original material to cover material.